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LawStack's FAR/AIM

The most complete FAR/AIM app with monthly updates.

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"LawStack's FAR/AIM contains the most complete and latest information from Titles 14 and 49 CFR pertinent to General Aviation, Sport Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators, combined with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)."

Don't get caught out-of-date. We notify you via email and push notification when updates are released by the FAA.

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How this app works?

Once downloaded in your iPhone/iPad you will get continous notifications whether email or in-app for changes in the FAR's, Aeronautic Information Manual and Pilot Control / Glossary so you won't get caught with old information.

Stay updated

Our software monitors even the slightest change in all the modules. Then we notify you in-app or email while keeping your existing bookmarks and hightlights.

See the changes and the differences

See the exact changes when you browse and the previous text of what has changed and see the differences.  

Bookmarks, Highlights, Take Note and Share!

Bookmark and highlight across the pages with ease. Our bookmark and sharing feature is very convenient.

Fast search

Searching for particular keyword? Our search functions are omnipresent across all the pages. Search by chapters, pages, articles and etc. with search suggestions and filters.

Live chat support

Need help? Chat with our support representatives anytime! Live with real person. Not with AI.

Works Off-Line

No connection? No problem. Once downloaded, you will get everything that you need.